Kettle River Canoes Wood-Canvas Canoe Repairs and Restoration

Adoption Service 

There are people who have an old canoe and can no longer take care of it. Meanwhile, there are people who want a canoe and do not have one.

For the price of the restoration (and the cost, if any, of acquiring the canoe from the current owner), you will own a fully restored wood-canvas canoe.  We do not touch the canoe until you sign the work order.  That way, the canoe is restored to your specifications.
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Adopt a Peterborough Canoe


15' Peterborough Minetta 

This is an elegant, quick pleasure canoe suited for day paddling on the lake and overnight trips. It weighs about 65 pounds.  Because it is narrow, it is not for the novice paddler. Beam - 33"; Depth - 12"; Capacity - 550 lbs

Fully Restored - 4,200



We send you a work order with a detailed description of the restoration.

You pay $500 when the order is signed, then a third of the balance when the project begins, when the canoe is canvassed and when the canoe is completed.


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Prices in Canadian Funds.

At 11' long, this is the perfect solo cacnoe.  Beam - 34"; Depth - 12"; Carrying Capacity - 350 pounds. Fully Restored $3,900

Adopt a Chestnut Featherweight Canoe - 35 pounds


Adopt a 17' Chestnut Prospector

If you are looking for the quintessential wilderness tripping canoe, this is it.  Most modern canoe manufacturers have a "Prospector" in their catalogue.  They are trying to emulate this canoe with varying degrees of success. Beam - 36"; Depth - 14.5"; Weight - 82 lbs; Capacity - 950 lbs  Fully Restored - $4,500.