Wooden Canoe Accessories

(available with a canoe restoration)

All prices in Canadian funds. US price at par.

Custom-Woven Cane Seats
A classic option in fine wood-canvas canoes for a century, hand-woven cane seats add a touch of class to your craft. We use the same six-stage weaving pattern used by the Chestnut Canoe Company for over seventy years. The frame is the wood of your choice and made to measure for your canoe.
Custom-Woven Cane Seats $175 each

Classic Portage Yoke 
The Chestnut Canoe Company made a portage yoke that works.  We do a reproduction of this functional masterpiece in the wood of your choice. Sanded silky smooth and varnished to a mirror finish, you may find yourself selecting canoe routes with lots of portages - just because.
Custom-Carved Portage Yoke $135

Hand Thwarts - Sometimes it is nice to have specifically designed hand-holds at the bow and stern when two people are carrying the canoe.  These thwarts are shaped and fitted to your canoe.  The new wood is stained to match the original wood in your canoe.  Finally, the thwarts are attached with silicon bronze carriage bolts. Hand Thwarts - $70 (a set of two thwarts)



Detachable Seat Back

Sometimes it is nice to sit in a canoe instead of kneeling.  And sometimes, with knees being what they are, kneeling is just not an option.  Trouble is, it gets tiring without a seat back and sitting raises the centre of gravity and makes the canoe a little shaky.  We lower the seats and slide on these hand-crafted seat backs, then just sit back and relax.

Detachable Seat Back $165

Custom Color Designs - In the 1920's and 1930's, many canoe companies in the United States (including Old Town Canoe Company) decorated their canoes with a wide variety of color designs.  Kettle River Canoes will customize your canoe with the design of your choice.  The cost depends on the complexity of the design.  Here are a few of the designs that we have produced for clients.

Custom Color Designs $165 to $480

Lowered Seats

This is becoming a popular option with our clients.  Many people want more stability in their canoe and want to be able to sit on the seat instead of kneeling.  Knees being what they are, many people find it difficult, if not impossible, to kneel.  So, we use 6" bronze carriage bolts to lower the seats 4" below the gunwales.

Lowered Seats $95 a pair

Painter Rings

A painter is a rope attached to the bow or stern and is used to tie the canoe to a wharf.  It is generally handy to have a point of attachment for a rope at either end of the canoe.  We use bronze eye straps and bronze rings to give the canoe a classic look.

Painter Rings $25 a pair

Adopt a Wooden Canoe

Wood-canvas canoes are not for everyone. The more they are used the more they thrive.  Every spring, the varnish and paint both need careful touch-ups.

From time to time, we come across a wooden canoe without a home or the owners are no longer able to give it the care and attention it needs. We do a quote on the restoration of the canoe. Then we offer it up for adoption.

If you have a wooden canoe that you are no longer able to care for or you wish to see it live a long and active life with a new family,
contact us.  If you would like a canoe restored to your specifications, ask us to put you on our list along with the type of canoe you are looking for.

Pay for the Restoration and It Is Yours

More canoes are available from their current owners.  We will get you connected so that you can acquire the canoe and then have it restored by Kettle River Canoes.

15'-6" Huron Canoe - No sooner is one of these canoes adopted than one more comes into the shop for adoption.  These canoes were built in Huron Village, Quebec by one of several different builders and subsequently sold through the Sears and Eaton's catalogues.  Their beautiful, efficient lines are directly descended from the birchbark canoes of the area. This canoe is 36" wide and 12" deep with a flat bottom and soft chine resulting in a stable canoe that is also quick in the water.  The ribs are 2" wide with 2" spaces between the ribs.  The canoe will weigh about 68 pounds with a capacity of about 700 pounds.  This particular canoe requires an extensive rebuild including new ash inwales and outwales as well as completely stripping the old varnish and rebuilding the finish on the interior.  Other improvements (such as lowered seats or a portage yoke) would be added at an additional cost.   Fully restored - $3,500

16' Chestnut Pal - This canoe is the gold standard for the all-around cottage canoe.  It is delightful as a solo canoe and can take two people for a rugged two-week trip.  It is 36" wide and 12" deep midships, weighs 72 pounds and carries 700 pounds.  Fully restored - $4,500

16' Chestnut Prospector - The best known and most soughtafter of all wood-canvas canoes, this canoe has a 36" beam and is 14.5" deep midships.  When fully restored with new ash inwales and outwales, this canoe will weigh 76 pounds and carry 850 pounds through large windy lakes or wild rivers with Class 3 rapids.  It comes with the original slat seats and all of the Chestnut decals.  Fully restored - $4,500

16' Tremblay canoe - Tremblay canoes were built in St. Felicien, Quebec in the late 1960's and early 1970's.  They were covered with Verolite (a vinyl-impregnated canvas).  Although the Verolite looks good from the outside, the vinyl coating tends to trap water and create ideal conditions for rot to set into the cedar hull.  The extent of the damage to this canoe will not be known until I start the restoration.  However, it will be restored completely and covered with canvas.  In the water, Tremblay canoes are very similar in shape and handling characteristics to Huron canoes -- that is to say, they are very nice canoes to paddle.  Fully restored - $3,500

15' Peterborough Minetta (pleasure canoe) circa 1955 - This classic "cottage" canoe was built from 1954 to 1961.  It has a 33" beam and is 12" deep in the centre of the canoe.  It weighs about 65 pounds and has a carrying capacity of 550 pounds.  It sports a centre thwart and two hand-woven natural cane (rattan) seats.  The lines of the Minetta are sleek and elegant making this a beautiful, fast little canoe. Fully Restored - $3,700

18' Chestnut Frieghter Canoe circa 1960 - This canoe was owned by the Honourable Alvin Hamilton P.C.  He was the minister of Northern Development in John Diefenbaker's government.  He used this canoe in preparation for his "Northern Vision" (northern economic development plan).  The canoe requires a complete re-build.  It is 46" wide, 18-1/2" deep with a V-stern, 5 thwarts and 2 hand-caned seats. It weighs approximately 132 pounds and has a 1,800 pound carrying capacity.  The ribs are 2-3/8" wide with 1" spaces between the ribs.  It is perfectly suited for use with a small outboard motor (4-7 HP).  Fully restored - $5,600




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