Free Estimate 

When you are thinking about getting your canoe restored, send us an e-mail and attach the series of pictures of your canoe according to the directions on the How To Photograph Your Wood-Canvas Canoe page.  Let us know what you would like done and we will give you a detailed estimate of the costs involved.  If you would like Mike to see the canoe in person, arrange a time to bring the canoe to the shop. The prices given in the estimate are valid for one year after it is issued.

From This . . .

Detailed Plan 

When you decide you want us to restore your canoe, bring it to the shop or ask us to come and get it (we charge $2.00/loaded kilometer to transport the canoe -- plus ferry costs if applicable).  Once in the shop, we take it apart and get a close look at any damage or rot in your canoe.  We then send you a detailed work order and discuss it with you until you are satisfied. We ask you to mail us a copy of the signed work order and along with the first installment of $500. This payment is a non-refundable deposit on the project. You can pay it when you sign the work order or pay it before you bring your canoe to the shop in order to "get in line" and reserve a place on the work board. That way, any canoes that arrive in the shop before your canoe gets there will be started after yours in the work schedule.  All canoe restoration payments are processed through a pre-authorized credit card (VISA or MasterCard) only - no cash or cheques.

Once the deposit is paid and the work order is signed, the restoration is paid for according to the following schedule:

  • * One third of the balance is paid when the restoration begins.
  • * Another third is paid when your canoe is canvassed.
  • * The final balance is paid upon completion of the project.

. . . To This

A Quote is a Quote

Sometimes, we discover another broken rib or a rotted deck after the work order is signed. We do the extra work as a professional courtesy. If you want more work done after you have signed the work order (such as an extra seat or a custom design on your canoe), we will prepare a revised work order. We require signed authorization to proceed with the new work.

Dedicated Photo Album

You can follow the work done on your canoe. We document the progress on every canoe by taking pictures of every step.  We post the pictures in separate photo albums on our Facebook business page.  We do not identify the owners of the canoes we post on Facebook.  Instead, we title each album according to the make and model of the canoe along with the city it came from.