Your Wish Is Our Command 

When discussing the restoration of their canoe, some clients want it to be functional again - nothing special.  Others want it to look like new.  We take the time to listen, then we turn your dreams into reality.  There are many steps involved in any canoe restoration:

  • * Cleaning or Stripping Old Varnish
  • * Rebuilding Damaged or Rotted Wood
  • * Revitalizing the Dry Wood With Linseed Oil
  • * Stretching New Canvas onto the Hull
  • * Applying New Paint and Varnish
  • * Installing New Hardware and Decals

Original Materials 

There is no glue in your old wood-canvas canoe. It is held together with about 2,500 brass tacks as well as some screws and bolts. We rebuild your canoe with the same woods and fasteners as the original.

Original Methods 

It takes several months to restore a wood-canvas canoe.  Cedar is soaked and steam-bent to make new ribs. Every tack is driven by hand.

Colour Match Your Canoe

If you want your canoe to be restored back to original - including the colour, we will colour-match the original canvas and paint the new canvas the same colour.

Chestnut Canoe Company Red 

The image of a red canoe gliding over a still lake at first light is part of the Canadian landscape. The Chestnut Canoe Company produced their pleasure canoes in either dark forest green or what is now referred to as "Canoe Red". We have matched the original colour to give you that iconic red canoe.

Chestnut Prospector 

Besides being one of the best designed canoes ever created, the Chestnut Prospector is also known for its colour - Chestnut "Grey" - a light green.

Trade Secret

People remark on how shiny our canoe restorations are.
Don't tell anyone, but the secret is a tough coat of carnauba wax.
It protects the finish and helps the canoe shoot effortlessly through the water.