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Greenwood Canoe – 16′


Built in Vancouver, BC before 1953
Weight – 75 pounds (34 Kg)
Beam – 36″ (92 cm)
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Product Description

Bill Greenwood built gorgeous canoes in Vancouver, British Columbia from 1939 until 1975.  His designs borrow heavily from guide canoes built in Maine by the Old Town Canoe Company.  This canoe was built prior to 1953.

Greenwood canoes are wide and stable with flat bottoms and lots of tumblehome.  His canoes are trimmed with Philippine mahogany and are fitted with hand-woven natural cane (rattan) seats.  This canoe comes with a separate back rest for the comfort of a passenger.

LOA – 16′ (4.7 meters)
Beam – 36″ (92 cm)
Depth – 12.5″ (32 cm)
Weight – 75 pounds (34 Kg)
Carrying Capacity – 750 pounds (340 Kg)

Some photos show the actual canoe while others are of a previously restored canoe.

Acquisition:           $900.00
Transport to Shop:  $600.00
Restoration:          $5,000.00


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